Wood Floor Cleaning

wood_floor_cleaning_san_antonio Steam Master Cleaning has been around for more than 10 years in and around San Antonio, Texas. During that time, they’ve expanded their expertise, building towards the ability to work with each and every floor surface possible. They understand the difficulties that are associated with hardwood floor cleaning, and why it’s so important to properly care for them.
Hardwood floor cleaning can be a tough task, especially when trying to do so without the correct equipment or knowledge. Steam Master Cleaning supplies only the best, latest state-of-the-art equipment money can buy to ensure the best results possible. They also send all of their professional service technicians to school to become certified specifically for wood floor cleaning. Using a mop or broom will fall short when it comes to extracting ground-in or unseen dirt. A service technician that is not certified, is not a professional at all.
Having a professional cleaning done by Steam Master Cleaning, will improve the circulation and overall indoor air quality after all the deep, unseen dirt has been removed. Avoid placing a burden on oneself by hiring the true professionals at Steam Master Cleaning to remove deeply embedded or hard to reach dirt for those hardwood floors.

After the professional cleaning has been performed, Steam Master Cleaning highly recommends having a maintenance coat solution applied. The maintenance coat helps extend the life of the wood floors, as well as leaving a uniform sheen throughout. If not purchased for all the areas in the home, it is definitely recommended for at least the high traffic areas. Having the maintenance coat applied doesn’t make it bullet proof by any means, but definitely helps our tremendously!
Call Steam Master cleaning today at 210-691-5000 to help bring those wood floors back to life, or simply maintain the good look they may already have!