3M Scotchgard Protection

authorized applicatorCarpet is built with some types of protection in it, but often not enough to hold up to the day to day elements. Look for those that offer a dye blocker to reach deep down into the fibers. They also offer a stain guard that helps it to be less likely to retain dirt and debris. Both of these are designed to protect your carpet regarding normal wear and tear.

However, it is common for accidents to happen and that means that a mess can be on your carpet. This is why you should apply a protector to your carpets when they are new and each time that you clean them.

With a carpet protector in place, you will easily be able to remove most of the dirt and debris when you vacuum. It won’t get deep down into the many fibers of your carpet. Should something get
spilled on it you can often clean it up with just some warm water and a towel. This is a great way to keep your carpet looking great and it is also very affordable.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking your carpet doesn’t need such protection. Your carpet can end up with ugly stains due to not using a carpet protector. Even with the factory protection on them, it wears down over the course of time. The more that people walk around on your carpet the faster it will fade away. Carpet protectors can help you keep your carpet looking great for many years.

Too many people blow off the use of carpet protectors. They feel that it is just another sales pitch, offered to get them to buy what they really don’t need. However, this is the number one way to
prevent stains, prevent damage in high traffic areas, and to help you reduce the time it takes to effectively clean your carpets.

I am happy to tell you that we only use the best quality of protector on your carpets, 3M Scotchgard. Steam Master Cleaning is authorized through 3M as a professional applicator of the product. It is mixed properly so that every inch of your carpets will have the same great coverage. This is our way of helping you to save money in the long run. You won’t need your carpet cleaned as often and you won’t have to replace it until much later than you anticipated.