San Antonio Oriental Rug Cleaning

By: Michael Stiles

Before attempting to clean an oriental rug the proper precautions must take place in order to ensure the best possible cleaning. The cleaning process for oriental rugs is unlike the cleaning done to your carpets. First of all, the proper inspection of the area rug must take place. While inspecting the rug it is very important to identify the type of material, while noting any pre-existing conditions. Almost all of your high end oriental rugs are made from natural fibers that must be cared for in a special way.

In most cleaning cases high heat, pressure, agitation, and chemical reactivity play a large role in your cleaning success. Using the same approach for oriental rugs will NOT result in the same success you may have had in the past. After you have identified the proper type of fiber, then you may move onto the cleaning stage.

All dry soil must be removed from the rug before any wet-cleaning takes place. After you’ve given it a good vacuum, then placing the rug through a rug beater will remove any excess dry soil. After the rug has been removed of all dry soil, then it is transferred to the wash tub. Once the rug is placed in the cleaning tub, hundreds of gallons of water are then used to completely flush out and thoroughly clean the area rug. After the rug is cleaned it is then placed in a forced drying chamber to ensure rapid, thorough drying, which is necessary for natural fibers such as wool.

Once the rug has been properly dried the next step is to package and deliver the rug back to the owner’s house in a timely manner. The oriental rug is rolled into protective paper to prevent dirtying the rug during transportation. Once the technician arrives with the rug, it is then placed where the customer desires most. The rug is rolled out nicely for a wonderful presentation of the great work that has been done for your customer.

This extremely thorough cleaning process is unlike any other cleaning procedure for oriental rugs. These steps cannot be replicated inside your home. Instead, these cleaning steps must be taken at a specialized rug cleaning plant that includes the proper equipment for the job. If the proper precautions are not met with the correct cleaning procedures damage to your oriental rug may occur.